What is Manga Ouendan?

Manga Ouendan

We are just a small group of manga lovers determined to compile a catalog of legal manga from around the world!

Over the years, the issue of illegal manga websites (aggregator websites, etc.) have continued to be a hot topic. We have heard many voices from the those in the manga industry and also from readers speaking about the absence of manga service to regional license issue.

We want more manga fans to always search for the legal way first.

But, legally accessible manga is perhaps not as scarce as we thought. There have been plenty of manga service and store that provided licensed manga. However, they are probably not get enough attention compare to the illegal one.

We understand that many interesting titles readers want to read are not available in their language or country. But, often times when it is already accessible, but no one notices!

Of course, isn’t easy to make a huge database of all licensed mangas. We have been compiling data since earlier this year with the limited time and energy we have outside of work and other responsibilities.

So, we want to find more nice fans who want to help this project came true. We are starting from the English-translated manga first, but we want to expand to other languages and regions too!

If you are interested, please reply or DM us on Twitter!

Let’s cheer for the future of manga with Manga Ouendan!

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